November 15, 2012

Animal Print Make Up Brushes

Hi ladies!

How is your day today?
Mines going good and well.

I have been into animal prints lately. I just love how it turns everything out into fierceness 
as a woman would try to wear them.

As for my opinion, it brings out that strong character in a woman. From wearing animal printed dress, 
blouse, even animal printed shoes and bags!

It has been a trend this days and has been over the decades human race started to wear fur clothes and the day animals skin was in to protect us from the harsh weather.

As for me, I just love it. I love its design.

One way to show how my addiction to animal prints is this make up brush I saw in a Bodega Store just nearby our place.

A closer look.......... Well, it's not really that expensive for P70.00, why not?

I love the print on it. =)
I love the brushes too......... I've used them and so far they're just good enough.
Even though it's not a branded brush but still it is useful for me. It's an additional to my make up kit! 

How bout you?
What is an addition to your make up kit as of this moment?