November 20, 2012

REVIEW: I need you Facial Mask in Pearl Extract

As promised about my haul at Etude House, I am doing this review on their best selling mask in "Pearl Extract". See my post here.

I am not really a fan of facial masks, I only just simply cleanse my face with water and my favorite facial soap and then wipe some cleanser available commercially and then that's about it.

I was just curious about it, watching it on TV programs, ads and other beauty blogs made me wanna get my hands on this products.

So, here is my first glance and meet and greet with my first ever facial mask =)
I am so excited to see and feel its effect on my face. Let's see? shall we?

I did this when my baby was soundly asleep so not too much of a hush, my fiance was still not home so I bet he won't notice =).

Let's get started.

The facial mask. It has a cute package, hmmm wonderin' what is inside...

I am stripping it out. and it just feels kinda really slimy =D LOL. 

Here it is, the facial mask with the holes. I think it is a bit bigger on my face though.

Putting it on. It feels good, refreshing and the scent is good. 
The mask gently sits on my face and gives me that toning tightening feel.
As per instructed, it has to stay on my face for 20-30 minutes. :)

Overall, I can say that it has that tightening feel on my face.
It refreshes my stressed face and gives me that soothing effect.
Hopefully, I could get to use it more often so I can attain the pinkish white glow it is supposed to do.

That's it for now... will be posting some updates on this product.

Have you tried this product too?
What facial mask worked for you? Please leave your comments below.
I would love to hear from you! =)

Till then!