January 8, 2013



How is your day today?
Thank you once again you dropped by colorfullBliss!

My blog has been around for quite some time but I haven't quite updated it since just July of last year 2011 when I eventually turned it into my very own Beauty Blog. Although I am not a pro about anything Beauty, I started this blog more of the wanting to know and develop myself also.

So, with that I am having this 30 day make up challenge web log which will start today. =)

photo credits: google.com

I will keep my post short and simple. As so I can commit to the daily posting that entails with the challenge. :)

Below are the questions for the challenge..............

Day1- When did you start putting on makeup?
Day 2 - How did you learn to put on makep?
Day 3 - Favorite Brand of Makeup?
Day 4 - Do you like wearing foundation?
Day 5 - Favorite Lip Product?
Day 6 - False lashes?
Day 7 - Fave Eyeshadow Color/Palette?
Day 8 - Fave Daytime Look
Day 9 - A picture of your make up Collection
Day 10 - Fave Make Up Brush
Day 11 -  Do you Wear Bronzer?
Day 12 - Fave Mascara
Day 13 - Where do you Keep your Makeup?
Day 14 - Favorite Youtube Gurus
Day 15 - Do you wear Blush?
Day 16 - Do you copy any of the celebs make up?
Day 17 - Fave make up artist
Day 18 - Fave night time look
Day 19 - Favorite concealer
Day 20 - Favorite eyeshadow primer
Day 21 - Where do you buy make upat?
Day 22 - What is your favorite toner?
Day 23 - Fave eyeshadow palette and blush Palette?
Day 24 - What type of eyeshadow do you prefer?
Day 25 - Favorite eyeliner
Day 26 - Do you wear make up everyday?
Day 27 - Favorite powder
Day 28 - Favorite make up remover?
Day 29 - Are you into liquid eyeliner?
Day 30 - Post a picture of you with and without makeup.

Also, credits goes out to eyah of eyahnism.info for the questions here on this challenge.

Stay tuned for the next 30 days lovelies!!!