January 23, 2013

BEAUTY BOOT CAMP: Keeping it Clean!

This is a repost from ELF Cosmetics


We all have and store our cosmetics, Here I would like to share one of ELF COSMETICS tips in cleaning our kikay kits! Read On!

⇨Fill up a small spray bottle with 71% alcohol and just spray your powders from a distance. You don’t want to drown them in alcohol; you just want the surface to be lightly sprayed. Don’t worry about the powders staying wet, the alcohol dries out; just give it a few minutes to dry up. Do this with powder foundations, eyeshadows, and blushes.
⇨For creams, we recommend spraying the surface with alcohol to kill the bacteria, and then use a tissue to wipe off the surface layer of any dirt or brush hairs. Do this to cream foundations, concealers, cream eyeshadows, and cream eyeliners.
⇨Anything using a pump will be sanitary because product is only coming out and not going in.
⇨Sharpen all of your pencils to remove any bacteria.
⇨Mark your mascaras with the date that they were opened so than you can throw them out after around 3-6 months. If you keep your mascaras clean, they will last longer.
⇨Dip your lipsticks in alcohol and use a tissue to wipe off the surface layer.

Hope this helps!

Till then,