January 30, 2013

DAY 7 - Fave Eyeshadow Color Palette

Hi how are you doing today?

My question for the challenge is a tough one since I am an eye makeup type of girl.
I love colors especially on the eyes and perhaps for me the eye is the most catching feature a woman has and accentuating it with the perfect shades of shadows would be unkaboggable! (cannot be outwon).

I have tried  various eye shadows as well from cosmetic brands like AVON, Ever Bilena, Colors Cosmetics (Colour Collection from Tupperware Brands) and also some China made products in the market.

My Fave Eye shadow palette as of the moment is my palette from AVON the Holiday Makeup Palette. As well as the eyeshadow from AVON Simply Pretty in Mocha/Champagne. They look good on the eyes especially when set with a Primer. I used one from Elf. The eye shadows are blendable as well, which I love so much about it!

I love this cause the colors are bright, frosty, buildable and blendable too! Plus it is perfect for my everyday office look :)

A swatch!

That's about it :)

till my next post!

have a nice day!