January 4, 2013


Hi Lovelies!

How's your day today?
I am so excited to be able to read my mail today. I got an email from Danika Holmes. She is a Singer/Songwriter from Nashville, TN. She asked me to do a music review for her song "How to be Beautiful" and I was so inspired by the music and lyrics of hers.

Danika is also giving away the song for free in her site www.danikaholmes.com. You might want to check it out too!

The song really revolves about how inner beauty is what is all that matters above all.
How each one of us exudes our own beauty regardless of age, race, color.
We ought to be beautiful inside and out.

By the way, here is the video. Hope you love the message on it as much as i did. =)

The Lyrics

Verse 1
It's a scene as old as daughters and moms
Wide eyes watch as your makeup goes on
Everything you do she takes in
How she sees herself this is where it begins

As she's playing in your high heeled shoes 
What do you say when she asks you

Can you teach me how to be beautiful

To be beautiful find the good in life
Let your words be kind
True beauty lives in a place within
So let it shine, you see, cause
It's not what the mirror sees that counts
But all the happiness you give out
So smile that's how to be beautiful 

Verse 2 
Fast forward your baby girl's twenty three 
Taking on the world with her college degree
Life's edges can cut and wound her pride
Make her question what she's worth inside 

When she starts to doubt the truth
Take heart know she'll think of you 
Then she'll remember how to be beautiful 

Repeat Chorus
As your hair turns gray
She'll be with you now
When the lines show on your face
She'll remind you how

Repeat Chorus

Do you like the message on the song as well? Leave your comments I would love to hear from you.

Till then, Let's all be beautiful!