January 9, 2013

Tutorial: How to Tell that HE is just not into YOU


How is your day goin' today?

I am back again to share to you some of my knowledge on guys.
They are adorable. yes. But they can also take advantage of you girl.
Warning: This post is intended for teenagers specifically those who are at the stage of dating, courtship, and whatever you call it type of getting-to-know, getting-hitched thing much worse when you are friend zoned.

Might as well share this to all my beautiful ladies..

A guy is not into you if:

1. He sends forwarded text messages to you, without that special greeting right to the end.You know what I mean..=)
2. He resorts to talking to you for advises regarding his problems with his studies. Great deal there is he is just asking for your time to teach or help him with his assignments or paperwork.
3. He acts super friendly, or super friend to you. This is likely that the guy is not interested to go much further with you. He treats you as his sister.
4. He is not afraid to be himself around you. Probably because he is just so at ease around you that he feels nothing is about to go on with the both of you.
5. He does not take extra effort in making you feel special. Even on special occasions he just won't care.
6. He does not see any future with you or make plans with you on it, preferably changes topic and focus on other things. This is because the guy has his OTHER priorities.
7. He plays DOTA or online games more than spending time with you. Sad, but often teen relationship breakups results because of online gaming nowadays.
8. He just won't notice you. No make up or dress up or fragrance just to get his attention won't work. If he's not into you. He just again won't care.
9. He asks you for advise regarding that one special girl in class that he has a crush on. No matter what you do, he is not into you really so don't bother act like the bridge or something to them.
and last but not the least...
10. He will say bluntly things about you behind your back. Tsk! Tsk! this is worse ladies. Stay away from this type of guys...

That's it for me now. Hope you gained more tips on gauging guys out there. Remember  always be on the look out and stay a girl always!

As what Marilyn Monroe says,

Ciao! Till then. Be fierce and beautiful! The world is there for the taking.. Stay happy and blessed!