February 13, 2015

CBSi celebrates 7th at Marriott Hotel Cebu

What a great day to celebrate the Valentines Day! I hope you are having a blast as you are reading this post wherever you are in the side of the world.

Today, I am really honored and humbled to be a part of the 7th Anniversary Celebration of Cebu's Premiere Blogging Community.

Blogging has really been a great part of my journey as an individual and as a person. I have grown so much and learned a lot from it. Writing was always my solace. My sole companion and confidant.
Although i wished i had the chance to speak of so many things and share to anyone what my life feels like. ;)

Being into blogging shaped me and molded me as an individual.
There were times when blogging was my only escape. But now, it has become my passion.
Alongside all the stories I have read, and some I have told about, my greater goal is to really help.

To educate and help someone thru my blog.
Blogging makes me so happy whenever I get feedbacks and responses and it was what inspired me to go on. Despite all the challenges, blogging was definitely worth it after all.

Not only did I get to have an online home, I get to know other bloggers and instantly felt connected.

That I was never alone. That there is also someone like me. That I wanted to somehow belong.
And I knew that it had to be a group whom I will the same passion and vision. A group that will motivate me, encourage and help me to do what I love- blogging, and Blogging for Cebu.

CBSi is that.

I told myself wow, what an awesome group of bloggers. I want to become a part of them too!

And now, I am definitely humbled and grateful to finally become a part of. After many attempts in the past.
Thank you guys, for accepting me in and for treating me like family. Well, my online family. ;)

To this day, I congratulate every blogger. And to CBSi, for the seventh year.
You've come a long way you guys.

This 15th of Feb, CBSi with all its alumni, current and new members will be celebrating their Anniversary at Marriott Hotel.

It will surely be an awesome evening.
Official event hashtags, #CBSi7 and #CebuBloggers.

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Kudos to all! Happy Seventh!

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