August 19, 2017

NIDO Advanced Protectus Launched their brand New Advanced Protectus Milk yesterday at the Trade Activity here in Cebu. As a mother to two kids, I have been swamped with a lot of things to do like managing the house and my kids well-being. Adi has been a Nido Drinker since he was 1 year old and now he still drinks Nido at 5. What I love about Nido is that they have been greatly showing an awesome effort and they are doing a great job most especially in catering to the current needs of the children without sacrificing the budget in providing healthy options for milk supplements that every child needs no matter the level of age they are in. That is why I personally, love Nido. 

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August 15, 2017

REVIEW: Ever Bilena Eyeshadow Palette in PINK

Hi, Mommies! I'm back after a long week of no posting. Life has been really busy with work and all. 
Just a little update, I worked as a Content Writer and Social Media manager here in Cebu for already 5 months. I could say that I loved the job. Yes, because you know me I am very passionate about marketing at all those things that connect brands to people. 


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