NANAY KIKAY (formerly www.yomommainthetropics.com) is a blog for all mothers and daddies as well. Here I share about my life as a mom, wife and a work from home freelancer. I managed to escape the corporate world and now, I am managing the home with the help and assistance of my parents and husband. For the first few years, my husband and me struggled to get our family on foot. Now that we have two kids on board, I cannot think of a better way than to pursue what I love doing which is blogging and earning just a little to support him and the kids all these things while working from home.

I started this blog a long time ago (2009 to be exact), right after I graduated and started working when I discovered the potential of sharing my own thoughts that nobody obviously cared about online. I am Electronics and Communications Engineer by profession but my heart got trapped with Social Media since 2009, the internet has taken a toll on me for so long. I became passionate about it and started to see its potential of earning a decent income online. So, I decided to turn in into a career.

I am a sucker for all things pretty and dainty. So this blog started as my online journal for all things that interested me and for all things beauty. I love seafood and hanging out at the beach with my family and friends so you can find some of our family bonding posts at the beach or at a simple place where we could enjoy the food or our company together. We live in a simple tiny home here in Cebu City, Philippines. I believe that being mindful of things is the key to being contented and be thankful for what we have.

I also share about my adventures and misadventures of my roller coaster motherhood life and my current finds whether it be food place, a makeup trend which I tried or some artsy creations I love doing at the moment as well as some of the books I currently read.

This 2017, my husband is planning to work with me with his little corner about Technology. So, we also post Techie articles from time to time moving forward.

Thanks for reading this page and hope you feel welcome here on my blog. I really hope you get valuable insights. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know or follow me on all my social media pages for updates.